X-ray and Ultrasound

Non-invasive diagnostic tools to detect abnormalities within the internal organs.

Radiography is painless, very safe, and non-invasive, and it can sometimes be performed during a visit while you wait. Radiography is useful for evaluating the bones and the size, shape, and position of internal organs. Westwood Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer our clients digital X-rays and digital dental X-ray services. It allows us access to higher-quality images in a fraction of the time. It also gives us a more accurate diagnosis for your dog while limiting their exposure to radiation. In addition, we offer an ultrasound exam that allows us to examine your pet’s internal organs and may provide different/more details than an X-ray is able to provide.

What is the difference between a cat X-ray and a cat ultrasound?

X-rays and ultrasound are both valuable diagnostic tools used to look inside your cat in a non-invasive manner. X-rays produce images that are primarily used to assess bone structures and/or masses in the lungs or abdomen. Ultrasound is a scan of images and is used more to look at soft tissues and organs. Your veterinarian will recommend the appropriate diagnostic tool for your pet.

Does the hospital also do feline dental X-rays?

At Westwood Veterinary Hospital, we do offer dental X-rays for our patients.

How much does a cat X-ray cost?

Please call us at 204-489-9111 to speak to one of our team members and discuss pricing.

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